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today [Aug. 31st, 2005|12:51 pm]
[mood |dorky ::working::]

i drove to work at 8:30 and parked at a 2 hour spot knowing i would be parked there longer.
at noon i walked out to my car to move it (to yet another 2-hr spot). wondering if i got a ticket, the second i turned on sycamore from shiawassee (NO i am not pocahontas, and YES, this is Lansing), i immediately looked down at my car to see if one of the pink folded envelopes had been stuffed in the crack of my driver's side door. SUCCESS! it wasn't! OH WAIT, spoke too soon... there was pink on my windshield right next to my wiper [boooo] Approaching my vehicle in no rush (shoot, they'd already fined me - might as well take my time), i reached my car shortly and went to reach for the ticket to find that ... it wasnt. a leaf had turned and fell on my windshield perfectly landing face-up on one of my wipers. what I thought i had been a curs by the city was really a blessing by the seasons

autumn is near =)

From: lacunatattoo
2005-09-01 05:32 am (UTC)

Only you

Could turn the fear of a psuedo-facist parking enforcer into a poetic welcoming of the fall. :-)

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