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i actually filled this out back in August but on notepad... [Sep. 12th, 2005|10:35 pm]
- 10 years ago (1995): i don't remember doing much before the 5th grade....

- 5 years ago (2000): well, exactly 5 years ago today at this time i was getting home from bandcamp (sunday afternoon) after my first ever summer at Metamora and band camp performance - aah, what a way to start the season.... =)

- 1 year ago: getting ready to move back into West Holden - probably working at the Grill

- Tomorrow: appointment with the toothman, changing the oil in the Focus, heading out to state, buying carpet, building my bed, setting up my room, moving stuff into it, calling Whitey to help me with all of that ;p

- 5 snacks I enjoy: nectarines, yogurt, cheesy poufs (i can go through a whole bag if no one takes them away from me), grapes and cheese, nuts

- 5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs: bryan adams (yeah, baby), queen, nirvana, beatles, pink floyd

- 5 things I would do with a $100,000,000: (buy) four green cards and a family vacation

- 5 locations I would like to run away to: zanzibar, varna, easter island, figi, new zealand/australia

- 5 bad habits I have: verbal pauses, over-analyzing, raking my hands through my hair, staring off with a stupid expression on my face, lighting up when drinking

- 5 things I like doing: swimming, laughing, dancing, driving, walking

- 5 things I will never wear: a black purse. not satchel, or tote - PURSE (consider it a sign i've given up on life), floods, cap-sleeves, tapered pants, swastika

- 5 T.V. shows I like: CHEERS! seinfield, apprentice, desperate housewives, JAY LENO

- 5 people I'd like to meet: j.d. salinger, coco chanel, alexander hamilton, toqueville, my mom's brother

- 5 biggest joys at the moment: carmy-pooh (always), running with a good mix on the mp3 player, having legs, knowing what i want, enjoying cheap water and gas

- 5 favorite toys: Carmen, the focus, my laptop, my mp3 player, a soccer ball

- 5 tagged (Your turn.): julie, steven, tracey, erin, mike (whenever...)