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it's sometime past 1am and I am sitting on the third floor at the MSU… - Milena [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 6th, 2005|01:19 am]
[mood |calmcalm]

it's sometime past 1am and I am sitting on the third floor at the MSU main library working away at my homework and such.

This past week has been incredibly busy (ok, no, more like the entire semester) But just this week I had a huge paper due (tomorrow, hence - i'm here) a midterm this past tuesday, a quiz, as well as plenty (and i mean PLENTY) of reading. Due to football, my saturdays have been devoted mostly to games and recovering from those games leaving me not much time on Sunday to accomplish as much as i hope (consider running errands and such). To catch up I pulled an all-nighter Monday-Tuesday, slept Tues-Wed because I work Wednesdays, and now I'm pulling another all-nighter Wed-Thur and hopefully i'll get to sleep tomorrow. I have an 8:30am and right after that I work until my next class (a 3-5), so it'll be a long one. As for classes - the course load is rough. Not only is there tons of reading but it's not all simple, especially the U-Plann stuff - it's so theoretical sometimes or the way they analyize statistics get so wordy! same with my sociology class. I think I won't really feel all caught-up until the semester is officially over. The other day Julie was telling me about how she had to read 40 pages for some class and on top of other homework she wanted to finish, it would keep her quite busy for the day. jeez, if i had only 40 pages to read I would be rejoicing or, better yet, in bed right now!
--feel free to stop here--

What I'm working on right now is a statistical analysis for the city of Ann Arbor and I have to incorporate that into a paper analyzing their land use. it's TONS of work but i can't lie - I LOVE it! I know it's keeping me up right now and sifting through all the data to pull what i need gets to be somewhat tedious but I really really love this stuff! The data itself is all mundane and straight forward but when applied to policy and urban growth models it all really comes alive. I also really appreciated checking out the drafts for the different regions of AA's Master Plan. They're in the process of updating but they have the drafts posted, which makes it very convenient to refer to if need be. The assignment isn't "long" at all: it's 3 pages and a table representing the select data our prof asked for. But there's so much more than just turning on autopilot and following her guidelines - I'm really enjoying exploring the questions, the options, the alternatives, and examing the current situation. I also love the fact that both the city and the U.S. census post tract maps (divides the city into sections, maps out land use). I thought I would have a hard time finding those but it proved to be quite easy. This is my little break to wake myself up. I was slowly nodding off staring at my excel sheet covered in numbers and varying formats. In truth, I love geographical analysis. I was talking about it with my boss who was a GEO major here (Yes, yes - the hot one) and he was telling me about the funner/good/bad upper-level GEO courses (the ones i get to choose from) and because we were right at work, he found stuff off of the internet and just showed me how to explore new features on our ArcGIS9 mapping software. I'm not incredibly excited about my Geographic Information course next semester but I can't wait to get to Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Cartography. What I'm NOT so excited about is Digital Terrain Analysis because I *fear* it'll turn into earth science, which i hate.

It's quickly approaching 2am and I have to start my paper already (took me about 10 hours to gather all of my data for one chart alone) but i fgure 3 pages won't be so difficult to spit out now that I've collected and organized my stats. i supposed we'll see... Although I didn't want to feed my starbucks addiction, I think a drink is definitely in order for tomorrow before my 8am to ensure I make it through class awake (or at least with eyes open - i can settle for that).

I might drive home tomorrow night because I'm in desperate need of a new pair of contacts (which are conveniently sitting at home on my bed) because i've been wearing these for the past 5 weeks + (yes - EWW - i know)

so my agenda (with hopes of finishing by 7:00a) include:

- write 3page paper
- read chapter 6 (about 30 pages) of Policy book
- take notes on Sociology readings (two 12-pg articles)

then at 7 i hope i walk my butt back home, shower, and head out to starbucks :) then class and... yeah. I guess i feel better having listed them because now they seem more do-able.

But in other news - i can't run for a LONG LONG time because I've absolutely demolished my hip. in the extended version you'd hear all the good details about loosing a meal or two from too much ibuprofen and straining my knee in the process of balance myself as i walk. But that'll take too long. The jist of it would be that if you have pain DON'T IGNORE IT and run on it for six weeks

[User Picture]From: suit
2005-10-06 06:58 pm (UTC)
oh my god Milena. After you finish your all nighters and then have a quick few to explain what happened do tell . . . I mean the hip will be okay again right? that's the main thing, when i thought of Milena if it's impossible to also think about running i'd get terribly depressed.
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[User Picture]From: papillion1216
2005-10-06 11:31 pm (UTC)
"Julie was telling me about how she had to read 40 pages for some class and on top of other homework she wanted to finish, it would keep her quite busy for the day"

um, in my defense, those were a LONG LONG 40 pages. like, slit your throat 40 pages.
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